Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independance Day everyone! I happen to be working today and am taking a moment to wish everyone a good day and thank you in maintaining the freedoms we continue to savor.

About savoring something: the picture below is of a bunch of small Anaheim peppers that my wife cut off the plant yesterday , stuffed with smoked cheese and ready for grilling! mmmm…mmmm good!

Happy 4th!



I was working in the yard the other day and had my camera with me where my wife asked me to take some photographs of the garden to send to her friends in California. So I took the photos and for those who have pets, they are quite curious at times about stuff you are doing and want to get close and personal. My American Bulldog, Wiggles was wondering what was going on and had to check out the camera. So , I took this photo of him checking it out.

Also, here is one of the photos of the garden…….

Little pickles

Took a walk through my garden looking for something interesting to photograph and came along these little guys just hanging around; just waiting to grow up to be “big” pickles for picking and canning. Mmmm, bread and butter pickles; sooo good!

I used my 105mm macro lens to try and get some fuzzy and pokey detail off the guys, then turned it b&w for more separation of tones. It would be appreciated if you would leave a comment and let me know what you think. I know they are just pickles, but they have feelings, too! Right on my taste buds, which makes me all happy inside!

Enjoy, as we have a big (relative to the yard) garden that provides numerous opportunities for photos; as the spider on the header came from there also.

Welcome to Rex Madden Photography!

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