This year did not begin how I expected it to…..

Which has mentally drained me to where the most I could do was focus on the day to day and stay above ground.

we all have days, weeks and sometimes months like that.

I don’t make excuses; life  just gets in the way sometimes and causes us to redirect our focus for a bit and then we have to figure out a way to correct our course and get back on track.

Sometimes that can be like turning around an old steamship in the middle of a storm; but it can be done.

Family  on goings during the first 8 weeks and the loss of two of our four dogs in the last 6 weeks was heart breaking to say the least, but we weathered the storm and survived…not unscathed though.

DSC_3312-Edit IMG_20150317_163247

There is only so much you can do to try and help the situation; just know you did all you can do and come to an understanding mentally with it.

It is hard sometimes….

Through all this, photos and memories are all we have when our loved ones (family and pets) are gone.

Have them printed and hang them on your walls…get them out of your phones and off your computer…make an album of them.

The photographs bring back happy and sad thoughts…

We had to take a break from everything and took a trip to help reset ourselves with all that occurred over the first part of the year.

Black Forest Hills (2)

It has helped a bit, still working through it all; it will just take time.


Just need to readjust our plan for this year….we will see about re engaging it toward the end of summer for fall….

Close out the year for a good start to the next….

One thing  I have learned over the many years is…..patience.

We have to remind ourselves in this fast moving world of ours today is that patience calms the mind and allows us to focus on what we need to and what is really important at that time.

Things will get done when they are meant to be done…no sooner…no later.

NEW updated brand / logo…

RMP brand stamp FLAT4 7x7





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