New beginning

I hope everyone had a great time over the holiday’s; now it is time to get to work on the plan for a new……beginning.

Bokeh Christmas lights

Whatever that means to you; a new fitness regimen, diet to be more healthy, new place, new job, new relationship or just gut it all and start anew.

Motivation time! New lease on life! Yea!

If it were only that easy to get motivated….I have a plan and haven’t even begun to start on it.

I figure that I will actually begin to start working on it in February – and that timeframe is actually built into my plan.

Knowing we are having multiple visitors over the month of January at our place and we will be doing some visiting of friends out of state ourselves!


That is a good thing I think, getting back in touch with family, friends and the like….it helps to reset, re energize and calm the mind….just enjoy life for a bit….time is short and you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Be grateful for those around you, as they are the ones who will support you when and if the times comes to need it.

I appreciate those around me and I tell them; regardless if they know it or not.

Should something happen – they know how I feel.


There is enough bad stuff happening in the world today and I have “been there and experienced that” to the point where I need to and want to appreciate what’s around me these days.

We are a global society that depends on one another to live our lives; whether we know each other or not.

Take some time, reach out and spend time with friends and family, be grateful for what you have around you….

Then get your butt back to the grindstone and work that plan you have for 2015 with all your might and determination and make it the most rewarding year for you yet!

Boo Ya!

Gym Mural

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