I want to tell you a story

My wife and I watched the movie God is not dead last night.

It was a very good movie in my opinion and I personally related to bits of the movie.

The story I want to tell you will be later on in this blog, so hang on.

Kevin Sorbo in the movie was mad at god because he prayed to god to save his mother and she died anyway when he was 12….my mother died when I was 12.

I was not mad at god, I was sad that I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

Fast forward to 2008; my father had a massive stroke and died while in the hospital.

He could not speak but we got to say goodbye by way of looking each other in the eyes, I told him I loved him and that he will be able to be with mom soon and he gave me a meaningful heartfelt handshake.

That was the last day me and my family shared time with dad before he passed away.

A few months later I was on shift at the fire department and between late night calls I managed to get some sleep.

I had a dream that I visited with my dad and brought him up to date on what had been going on since he passed away.

I woke up later and thought, man that was a good dream I had with my dad….too bad it was just a dream….

I have a necklace I wear every day – it is a copper medallion I had struck with a thistle on one side – stands for healer (I am a paramedic) and the other side has 4 intertwined snakes – stands for defenders of the 4 corners of the earth (I serve in the Army) with a tightly wound string coated with wax; like they did back in the medieval days.

As I stood up and walked a few steps I felt my necklace come apart

I thought dang! the string broke……I pulled on the string and it was not broke! it was intact still around my neck in one piece!

Then I thought well the medallion must have broke…..I pulled up my shirt, got the medallion and took a hard look at it to see where it broke.

It was not broke! it was in one solid piece! Nothing wrong with it!

I thought what the heck? So, I go to one of the guys and give them the items and see if you can see if they were broke in any way.

They did not find anything wrong with them…..

I had to untie the string to put everything back together.

Miracles happen every day.

This was a little reminder to let me know what I dreamed was real.

I know there are things in this world that we will never understand until it is time for us to understand it….

But I do believe there is life after this one; my father showed me by his actions with my necklace that day.

It is still in one piece to this day and I wear it proudly every day. It keeps me close to those I love, have lost and believe in.

In my personal belief, god is not dead; he lives within us all.

How we decide to interact with him is of our own choosing…….


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