Your word is like a handshake

In the days of old before contracts and paperwork, individuals shook hands to solidify a deal on work to be done or on an agreed deal.

They also used to stand by their word.

If someone did not stand by it, they broke the deal which may have serious consequences for the other person.

I bring this up today as my wife and I experienced someone not standing by their word or deed, which caused much heartache for us.

We always stand by our word and deed…If we shake or agree on something it will happen.

I guess it all comes down to one’s values and standards you grow up on and learn through life.

I try to treat individuals how I expect to be treated; with respect and dignity; at all times – regardless of circumstances.

Just a bump in the road of life and we just have to move forward from here……as long as it is not off a cliff we are all good, because we don’t have any parachutes.

If we did it might be fun to jump!



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