What type of legacy will you leave behind?

The general population is not famous and will only be remembered by those few they interact with in the last few years of their lives; primarily their immediate family and friends.

What will they say about you? Will they have mementos to remember you by? Will they name a cause after you?

Or will you just be forgotten……..

The reason I bring this up is that my wife and I have been going to some local estate sales and I began to investigate by what the belongings were as to who the person was.

One estate sale we found nursing manuals, flight medicine books, cancer books, chemotherapy books and art from all over eastern Asia.

Come to find out, the lady was a Vietnam Vet Nurse who later became a nurse in Texas as well as a flight nurse…..who it appears in her last days died of cancer.

Another estate sale we figured that the elderly man that lived there was a General Surgeon for over 40 years!

We found his original license…..

Their legacy now lives through me and my wife, as we now know what they did during their lives……

We purchased some items that fit our style and décor for our home and when someone asks where we got the stuff from, we can tell them their story as we learned it.

Their legacy will live through us as long as we have their stuff and can remember the story behind it……


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