Since really having time to consider how I want the future to look, I have been reading, searching and just reviewing all kinds of websites that have to do with photography.

Some of the observations I notice are:

  • consistency – websites that I visit that keep my attention are those that have current information on their business
  • engaging – the blogs that keep my interest are current and/ or relevant to what they do
  • informative – they have information on their website that I can use in my photography or daily activities
  • specialize – they specialize in one or two areas; not everything
  • ease of use – their website is really easy to use and is visual of their work – which keeps me on their website to view their work and appreciate it.

These are just a few of the things I notice off the top of my head.

Which I will see about applying and updating myself…..the hardest thing sometimes is being critical of one’s own work…..but necessary if you want to grow.

What do you want to experience when you visit a website?

Especially if you are looking for someone to do work for you?RAW Event-8


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