Figuring it out

Today has been an insightful day.

I guess you  could say I had a calming day and my wife gave me a hug this morning when we were in the kitchen and a thought popped in my head:

This is what it is all about…..being loved and being with someone you truly love, respect and appreciate.

Nothing else matters.

I have been having a hard time the last month or so mentally, trying to figure out all that was going on and make sense of it all….and most importantly, what does it all mean?

Refer to above….it doesn’t matter.

Things will work themselves out, you just have to have the confidence and belief in yourself that it will.

I have always been a glass is 3/4 full type of guy….we all have our moments in time when we doubt ourselves; it just takes time.

The good thing is that I have time to think primarily about my photography now and where I would like it to go and be for the future.

I have many ideas and looks like they will all work into a singular vision, but I will not be able to put everything into play until 2015… a lot of moving parts going on until then.

But the good thing is that I am developing a strategic plan that I can move forward with; hopefully. Time will tell.

Closing one chapter of your life and opening another is not as easy as I thought…as a matter of fact it is quite daunting.

With the help and support of my lovely wife, she keeps encouraging everything will be all right and will work out fine.

Thanks honey.

When all else fails, look into yourself and you will find a solution; it just takes time.

When I returned from Iraq years ago, our flight stopped in Ireland where we had a couple hour layover until the final leg to the USA and I found a wall plaque with a saying I read almost every day:

Who looks outside dreams; Who looks inside awakens

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