This is an acronym for living the US Army values during a Soldiers service whether it is for 2 years or 30 years….

I lived these values for over 33 years during my professional life and in my personal life; they have served me well.

Now that I am retiring from military service and will be embarking on my photography as a “3rd” career (Army #1, Fire Service #2), I want to share with you what each of the letters are and how they served me.

There are many of you who have served before me and along with me know them all too well; thank you for your service!

Everybody has a set of values they live by; these can help serve you in any business or job you have; not only for yourself but your interactions with family, peers, subordinates and future clients on a daily basis.

L – Loyalty

  • To oneself, the team, the organization
    • If you cannot be true to yourself, how can you be true to others
      • Your family
      • Your customer
      • Your providers
      • Your community at large
  • You need to be as brutally honest with yourself so that it exudes in all that you do
  • You will find a true inner peace when you can do this and will be happier
    • You will never have to hide behind a bunch of words that may catch up to you in the future when you least expect it

D – Duty

  • You have a responsibility to provide a service
    • You took that on when you decided to take the job
  • Perform your duty to the greatest ability you can; give it all you got while you do it

R – Respect

  • It takes a lifetime to earn it and an instant to lose it…..forever

S – Selfless Service

  • Sacrifices may need to be made to get the job done
  • It isn’t all about you…..there are greater things that could use your services to help those not as fortunate

H – Honor

  • Doing what is right at all times; regardless of the circumstances

I – Integrity

  • Your internal compass
  • Don’t compromise yourself, others or beliefs; if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t

P – Personal Courage

  • Sometimes you have to go or do something that you have never been to or done before; a gut check
  • Believe in yourself and those around you; they will believe in you to get the job done
  • That is what helps you grow; personally and professionally

This is but a tool to help keep you on the map of success personally and professionally.

It has been a guide for hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women (my wife served over 27 years) and can help you as well.

Like any guide or bit of information you get; it’s only as good as how much the user decides to apply it.

I hope you use it well…..

retired cup

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