Back in the saddle….

It has been awhile since my last post…..due to the surgery I had in January failed, they had to try another surgery to fix the ruptured bicep tendon.
I have been in a sling for going on 3 months and am well enough to do some basic things without jeopardizing the surgery.
One more week and I will start 4 months of physical therapy….
I tried to set up and hold my D3 yesterday…..yea, not happening right now…too heavy.
It will probably be a few months before I can start carrying it around like I used to….even on a tripod it is difficult for me to do much of anything….then you have lighting, setting everything up, etc…..whoo, feeling tired just thinking about all that.
I just wanted to touch base since I can function a little now, but may never get to where I used to be.
Guess I will just have to stay focused for the coming weeks to get better functionally.
At least I can type with both hands now….no more hen pecking….
My wife told me yesterday that my arms were like the trash bag commercial… left was hefty hefty hefty and my right was wimpy wimpy wimpy:-)

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