Happy Holidays!

Ahh, Christmas was yesterday and Santa was good to me and my family this year……

My wife got me a 2x teleconverter for my camera and had to try it out….


She was about 40 feet from me and shot at 210mm….nice and sharp with tons of bokeh! This will replace her old photo for sure….gotta thank Mrs Claus for this!

Now the upcoming new year brings forth a new chapter in our lives; my daughter will graduate high school, I will be retiring from the Army and we will be moving…..once again and hopefully for the final time.

The coming days will be a time to look back on what has transpired this last year  to bring us to today and to look forward to the new beginnings that lay ahead and plan, plan and plan some more.

In discussion with my wife yesterday, this was probably the best Christmas in the last 5 years….being deployed, sick and/ or injured puts a toll on ones mindset and spiritual being.

Yesterday was like an epiphany where I could literally feel that things were changing and everything was going to be OK. It gave me a real feeling of peace of mind and allowed me to really enjoy the day with those around me.

I hope you find that “center” that will give you peace of mind and allow you to go forward into the new year to be happy and successful in all your endeavors.

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