19 days……

Ahhh…..cold enough to freeze my moustache today!

So cold the dogs didn’t want to go outside…..and is going to be even colder tomorrow with rain…..uh oh!

That means rough roads for driving….don’t think I will be going anywhere…..except the backyard to finish hauling the mulch for the beds, maybe.

Just 19 days to xmas!

My wife gave some “hey honey” comments about if Santa isn’t done shopping…….

I told her the sleighs broke the reindeer are revolting and the elves are on strike……but I will see if our dog buster can pull the sled out of the garage.

Looks like I will have to see about braving the masses in the next few days before the real rush begins.

Careful for what you wish for………somebody’s gonna have to go get it for you! 🙂


One thought on “19 days……”

  1. Ahhhh Memories of Camp Stanley in Mid Dec,
    Jan….. So cold the ondol heaters were going full blast in the Vill…the clubs were warm…out in the field people from C Btry. were freezing keeping the south from going north and watching the sky for …. whatever just DAM COLD remember

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