Happy holidays

Its been busy here, things are going better healthwise for all concerned and we had a nice and comfortable Thanksgiving.

There sure is a lot to give thanks for this year……primarily our health and friends and family.

Eventhough we dont communicate with everyone as often as we would like, but rest assured you are definately in our thoughts all the time.

We had all our christmas shopping done so we didnt have to go out on black friday….yay!

We did go out and get a Christmas tree ……..as last year we almost didn’t have one ’cause we waited until 2 weeks before xmas.

The places we went to thought we were weird for waiting so long…….

Well we got it and decorated it yesterdayIMG_20131129_200140[1]It feels nice to be ahead of the power curve for the holidays for once…..we are going to see about putting a few decorations in the yard today.

May you all have a great beginning to the last month of 2013 and upcoming Christmas.

I wish you all good tidings and may all your hopes and dreams for this time of the year come true….

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