You know your gonna hava a bad when………

You know your gonna have a bad day when:

You wake up bothered

you go to the ATM for cash and your debit card doesn’t work

you go get a haircut and the guy screws it up

you go to an appointment and the office is closed

you get home and you and the missus fusses at you for no known idea

you try and fix the messed up haircut you got and have to shave most of your hair off (what’s left) to fix it

all that before lunch!

I guess over the last number of days, I have been thinking about my mom and dad.

Thanksgiving is coming our way in the next 2 weeks; my sister visited last week and as we talked, conversation led to my moms death and my fathers death.

I began to wonder if they would be happy with how I turned out; primarily my mom – as she died when I was 11 and my dad died the day before thanksgiving in 2008.

My dad had a stroke and died of complications from it; but before he died I had the opportunity to see him and tell him that I loved him and he would see mom later. He couldn’t speak, so he grabbed my hand and gave me the most manly handshake I will ever get. He looked in my eyes and just by the look, he told me he was proud of me and of how I turned out.

I didn’t have that opportunity with my mom as she died in her sleep, but I am pretty sure she would smack a knot on my head if I didn’t.

I always seem to reminisce around this time of year, I think it helps to keep me grounded and appreciate those around me and remember those who are on overwatch keeping us on our toes.

Even though we fussed at each other earlier in the day, me and the missus made up, had pizza and relaxed the rest of the day…..both of us felt bothered today and don’t know why……

Tonight is Haven on SCIFI….gonna relax and hope for a better day tomorrow.

That’s all we can hope for isn’t it?

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