Had an unexpected turn of events last week that prevented me from posting….the treatment my wife received for her medical condition failed.

So, my mind was elsewhere over the last few days, worried about her well being.

My sister drove down from the Austin area to visit for a few days and play catch up on how we are doing and all.

Of course she drove up in a new Chevy Avalanche……her ooooolllddd van, did I say it was old? yea…..

Her husband works for one of the railroads and was out of town, so she goes and visit and the van kept on having issues; so she bought a new vehicle so she can be safe on the roads…..she had to use OnStar to get to my house….she got lost….:0

I am rambling here…..

I took some time out of the day to pull my camera out and play with it taking some photos while my wife and sister go to a herb gardening class…..just me and the dogs!

SA Dogs and Yard-6I went out in the yard and looked around to see what I could photograph and came across these nice flowers….actually I think it was a bush of some type; my wife and sister could tell me but as a guy….I am clueless on some of this stuff. SA Dogs and Yard-24On this one, I found the leaf awhile ago and was intrigued and amazed at the design on the leaf.

I asked my sister (she is a Master Gardener) and she has never seen one like it.

The Acorn I picked up out of our yard and the pine cones are the scented ones my wife got at Trader Joes. SA Dogs and Yard-47 PaintThis is Toffee, our 6 year old Red Nose who was dumped in our neighborhood back in 2008 when everyone was losing their homes and couldn’t or didn’t want to keep their pet.

She is a godsend for sure, as she came to us in a time that was very difficult and made it easier for us to work through those tough times.

we are experiencing some different times now and as you can see in Toffee’s eyes; her love for us is genuine, uncompromising and gives us strength each and every day to carry on………

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