All is well

I missed posting last Friday I know….

My wife was in the hospital and I was preoccupied with her health and being with her during that time.

Last Thursday was probably one of the most worrisome days I have ever had…..

I thought about what is most important to me and am ever greatful things turned out well and will have my wife for a long time to come.

While I was waiting for my wife to arrive from surgery to her room, I looked out the 3rd floor hospital window and I saw (imagine if you will) a cool breezy afternoon with striations of wispy clouds that appear to be flowing smoothly through the sky effortlessly……..a pale blue sky behind the clouds providing an inviting background to the clouds.

That scenery provided me with a sense of peace that everything would be all right and better things are to come.

Today, I write knowing my wife is home with me and her recovery is going well.

Sunday is our 11th Wedding Anniversary and it will have an even more of a special meaning to me; that she is still with me for many more years to come.


2 thoughts on “All is well”

  1. What a sweet post!! My hubby and I just celebrated our anniversary too this week. I am pretty sure October is the best month for that :). Happy Anniversary to you two and lots of love and healing for your wife.

  2. T-Rex,

    Glad to hear Dawn is doing well. Happy Anniversary! Hope the both of you have a grand celebration out there in the Texas country

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