Winner winner!

Hip hip hooray!

I beat technology! I got everything to talk together….aahhh….a unifying moment…

So, that means I can finally post the photos from the spice shop… we go!Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-3 looking into the store as you walk in…

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-2 another view from the back of the store

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-4Top of some of the spice seals….

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-5mmmm….mustard

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-6Gotta have a shopping list! And did we get some spices…..did I say we got a lot of spices? Oh yea!

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-7yesss……WASABI! Love it!

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-8Frog in your mug anyone?

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-9A play area for kids while you shop……

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-10Nice little pepper set…….too bad my wife doesn’t like pepper 😦

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-11Now this is what I am talking about………..CHOCOLATE!

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-12A big collection of spices…..

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-13Spicy!

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-14Arizona Dreaming……..

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-15Treat your teachers with a nice little gift set….

Penzeys Spice Shop AUSTIN-16An original pit stop sign I have never seen.

It was a nice trip to Austin with no real traffic issues other than the confusion after getting off the freeway….some areas were not marked well; good thing we had our handy dandy Google Maps on our Android phone….it squared us away in finding it.

Penzey’s Spice Shop is a must see if you are any kind of foodie and like to experiment with seasonings…..this place blew our mind.

We have big plans on cooking with the 24 different spices we got….it will be yummy in my tummy!

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