When at first you don’t succeed………

Ah…..here it is, Saturday morning and I missed my goal of posting on Friday’s.

Honestly, it was an awful week for me and tried to mentally relax yesterday before i published a post.

Some days are better than others; as long as you don’t get run over by the train that coming you way:-)

I finished reading a photography book: Light Right……..a very good and inspiring book for photographers to read at any level.

It will help motivate and rejuvenate my photography to capture the best photos i can….under any and all circumstances…

An old saying I used to tell Medics in training; practice makes better, not perfect……as there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

My wife and I are going to go on a road trip today to a spice shop and I will be taking my Nikon P7100 with me and see what type of photos I can come up with!

My penance for not posting yesterday will be to post some of the photos taken tomorrow……..gotta take responsibility for my actions….or inaction as it maybe.

Here is one I took with the P7100 awhile ago……..


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