Oh my gosh…it has been a long time since I have posted on the blog.

I apologize for that but since coming back from Afghanistan there has been many things that have occurred that needed attention and continue to, which has mentally drained me to do much of anything and it is still a struggle to move forward mentally.

Maybe I should have continued posting on the blog to help keep connected……

I hope from this point on that I will have the where with all to post once a week on Fridays….they say the best time to post for people to actually read it is Tuesday through Thursday….I will eventually change it one of these days; but for now this is the best time for me.

As you know if you have read my blogs in the past that I am in the US Army. I will be retiring next year and I am in the process of working to “re establish” and invigorate my photography business to continue it as my follow on career.

I am really excited to get going and looking forward to working and making great photography for you.

It is now working to become my primary focus and I am loving it!

It is great to find an occupation that you love and give 100%+ to it like I did with the Army for 33+ years.

I will now turn that energy to my Photography and give it my all….

Happiness is  love

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