Back in the USA


After a quick 3 leg 19 hour flight with 48 hours of wait time in between one of the legs….my team is now back in the USA!

We have a few more hurdles to jump before we actually get to go home and be with family for a while…but it is nice to be back!

The 119 degree weather in Kuwait was ridiculous to say the least; it was like walking into a blast furnace every time you had to step outside.

When we were getting ready to fly out, it was 0200hrs and it was 102 degrees…..a lot hotter than even where my family is in Arizona…..and it is only June!

The other nice thing being back is that I have connectivity pretty much anywhere I am, so I will be able to at least keep up this post in a more timely fashion than I have been when I was deployed.

I will post some photos in the next day or two depending on our schedule, but shouldn’t be a problem; i hope…..Murphy’s Law – you never know..

Thank you all for following my postings, it is good to know that what I write is getting out and about to be able to give you a snippet of what being a soldier, father, husband, firefighter paramedic and photographer is all about on my end of the world.

Thanks for what you do each and every day for your friends, family and community.

Hope you all have a good day….time for chow (breakfast).

One thought on “Back in the USA”

  1. WELCOME HOME REX!!! Glad you’re back safe. Hope to see you in the next few months. Tammy and I will be in Texas in August. Take care. GW

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