Drawing down…..Edit 2

Wow!  Time is flying by…….Been so busy that I did not realize it has been like 3 weeks since posting last.

Even with the bad connections here, I really should pay more attention and post more often than I have been. I have been so discouraged by the lack of and poor connection here that I have this attitude that – why bother…..it will not go through or it will time out or I will get kicked off in the middle of it and have to start over….ughhhh!

I know,  know, I sound like my daughter having to take out the trash or clean her room……she’s not that bad…..most of the time.

Anyway, time to get off my whiney horse….

I won’t have to worry about the lousey connection here shortly….as our mission is coming to an end for our team and they will be sending us back to the U.S.

I will still be serving in uniform for the forseeable future; just not in Afghanistan.

It is an interesting place with interesting people, lets just hope that what we have accomplished here has a lasting effect and will save lives; thiers and ours.

Part 2

This is an edit to the post…….go figure…as I informed you of the lousy connection here, it cut off half of the posting when I posted it….Ughhhh!!!!!

Holy cow…..never a dull moment….patience, patience….

Anyway, the last part was a picture of the Bridmals, Sergeants in the Afghan Army who will be the sustaining piece for the Medic course we established here in southern Afghanistan.

They are the future of this country…..no pressure.

Our team has learned alot about ourselves and others while teaching, advising and mentoring the Afghans, I am sure it will make us better soldiers and leaders for it.

It will be nice to be back in the good old USA where I can share my stories with everyone – over a nice dinner surrounded by friends, family and loved ones……

The most important thing in life are those you choose to share your life with……in the end they are all you have and all that really matters


2 thoughts on “Drawing down…..Edit 2”

  1. Love ya Rex. I am looking forward to you being back at home too. I finally figured out how to get to my email on another computer. My flowers are doing great. My vegetables ok. I grow better flowers. Food for the soul. Jim is still working in Galveston and coming home on weekends. Getting my team ready for competition this summer. I’ll be doing a kickboxing/self-defense class for the junior high and the high school this month. I have been redoing the house. Messed a door I tried to refinish. I am going to try again…hopefully it’ll come out better the second time…if paint covers up mistakes. I will be looking forward to seeing you and Dawn. Again luv ya bunches. Cindy

  2. I love you Rex. I pray for all you guys and girls safe return. I am looking forward to hearing your voice on the other end of a phone call. Thinking of you every day and looking forward to giving you a hug. Cindy

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