Late Posting

Hello all!!

It has been awhile since I posted last…..a lot has been going on in the last few weeks; a servicemember died while on a mission  a number of days ago – we were to swap and continue the mission in less than 12 hours.

Let us all give thanks to those who have sacrificed much to maintain the freedoms we have.

As I mentioned, there are many things have been going on and with the less than stellar internet access here; I finally get to write this post!

While on missions, we have the opportunity to see some pretty interesting things….like this scene here; a ferris wheel in a park that is void of people. All the people here say that before the Soviet invaded this country, that it was an up and coming country with the beginnngs of a real future.

This scene looked like some thing out of a sci fi movie……strange…

But, there were some Afghans milling about an relaxing along the river…..trying to carve out some assmblance of normalcy in this anythng but nornal situation. Of course, what is normal to us is foreign to them….you become accustom to your situation and surroundings to survive.

Thers kids are playing a game of rocks….they throw rocks across the opening to try and knock down the ones standing up….sound familiar? Bowling! sorta….

I planned to do some photos for everyone here so they can send them out to thier familes on Mothers Day; this coming Sunday. the Public Affairs guy, BIll worked with me to get it all dialed in for the photo shoot.  Here are a few to show you:

I am currently sick with who knows what……they have us all on a type of antibiotic while we are over here, but it apparantly doesn’t cover down on what I have. It is a bummer to be sick here….no wife to console me, bring me a hot toddy, snuggle up and keep me company……….OK, now I am moping too!

Oh well, just have to suck it up, pull myself up by my bootstraps and drive on…..Mission first!

Then, when I get home my wife and can do all the above 10 times over!!

I do miss her being here, but I know she is there keeping the home fires burning (hopefully not the house – just kidding honey!) ready for me to get home.

Time to take some more medicine and get something to eat: feed a cold and starve a fever… the way the old saying goes….right?


2 thoughts on “Late Posting”

  1. Happy Memorial Day to you and your fellow service members. I came across your site via the Professional Photographers or America – nice photos. I really enjoy your posts since it tells it the way it is – not the way that it is interpreted by the media. Stay safe.

  2. I like the photos. Made me think of Mom and how she would be so proud of you. I am proud of you too. Today was a little tough…Thought of Dad were making me a little sad. I thought of some good times we had at the river in SC. Dad would be so proud of you too. I love you bunches and bunches Rex. Looking forward to you and Dawn coming to San Antonio. Be careful and God protect you.

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