Part 2 …..

Canadian street Hockey

While our travels took us to Kabul, we met some of our Academy mentoring counterparts; Canadians. After we conducted our mission, there was some time before our scheduled movement, so they grabbed thier gear and played a few games of street hockey!

Only in Afghanistan……

After we returned, the Danish invited us to a gathering where  they had part of thier military band tour with one of thier countries popular vocalists.

I have to admit, being part of a coalition force has it’s benefits…..I have attended more coalition events than I have ever been to in such a short period of time……

Interesting times here….even in a war zone, you gotta find time to take care of yourself; mentally and many of the other countries have that dialed in…

Quote of the Day:

If you don’t take care of yourself…..who will?


6 thoughts on “T-2”

  1. Hey Rex, Need your mailing in Afghan please! Have a few Mags and Goodies to send you! Be well Buddy! dan

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