Whew! Busy couple of weeks here in travelling and will be doing more in the coming weeks. It is very interesting going around the region/s… allows me to see how the other half lives (US and coalition troops) on different Forward Operating Bases and Camps.

I gotta tell ya though; my personal opinion is that we have it much better than in many locations. Most other locations are crammed in such small and tight quarters that if you were clausterphobic, you would be having issues in a very short timeframe.

We went to one camp in the northern eastern region of AFG where the group of us went WOW! on the first day, then wow :(……on the second day. By the third day we were appreciating the the killer dust storms and heat in Helmand!!

It was a good trip overall. We met some folks we havent seen since deploying and met some really great coalition partners; 37 countries in one area! Thats where you say WOW!!! Pretty cool!

 One of my team members fathers flew C-130 Hercules in Vietnam and he was excited to try and get a photo like his father had taken when he was in the Air Force back then.

We went and asked the Load Master if we could take a picture on the side step of the plane before take off…….he said sure!

We took the picture and then he talked to the pilots and the invited us to sit in the cockpit for the duration of the flight; it was a British crew and a great bunch of blokes they are!


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