Catch Up

How do all…..thought I would try a little southern talk there….gotta stay close to the roots here or I would be saying things like “May I have your leave to carry on sir, please” which is a formal way of asking if it is ok to be dismissed.

 Or …roight, mate what say about a spot of coffee, yea? and on  that note, they drink instant coffee here in thier dining facilities…..which isn’t too bad I might say, roight!


It was pretty busy here the last week; had a couple of graduations, bunch of people visit, a lot of promotion and award ceremonies and especially one I went to yesterday was the 119th birthday of the Chief Petty Officer rank in the US Navy.

A very interesting ceremony which is steeped in history. They have a building for the CPO’s here… is essentially a refuge for the senior enlisted personnel on a ship or anywhere they go.

This one was built by and re-dedicated to a SEABEE that died whilie here in Afghanistan.

Never forget…….we became a nation by the hard work and sacrifice of others. That is the core of what our nation stands for; freedom…..let us not soon forget that.

Less than one percent of our nation serves in the military today; less than 5 percent of those serving make the grade of the senior enlisted during thier career.

Gotta get ready to start the day……and prepare to do some travelling over the next few days….

Quote of the day: Sometimes the hard part is in the start…….



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