WOW! It has been interesting here over the last week or so here…..along with that, a nasty dust storm hug around for 2 days.

They say it is just the beginning and that the May-June timeframe is baaaaad news when it comes to the dirt storms. GREAAAT I  SAY!

Leave Arizona with the intermittent monsoons there to go to the perpetual desert with month long dust storms. The photos that were in the news early last year are nothing compared to what goes on here….You have to wear some sort of mask to cover your face to be able to breath and see…..

This was during the day and at some points, visibility was down to only 10-15 feet, with winds blowing 30-40 mph. Now I know what it feels like to be sandblasted……..Amazing!

You learn to adapt to your environment……and I am a quick learner…….

As the days went on, the areas we are in got dirtier and dirtier, the shower facilities ran out of water and people were showering with cases of water at a time, cleaning with baby wipes, etc.

After it was all said and done…..it was like seeing the sun for the first time…..A huge breath of fresh air, sigh of relief, people out and about…..we survived the storm!

Woo Hoo!

On a final note before I close out todays blog…..It was my birthday last week and on a very humbling and surprising note: the unit sang me happy birthday, made a birthday card for me and even more surprising……the Danish Army group made me a homemade birthday cake…..its the simple things in life that really count; friends and family.

Over here, your friends are your extended family……thanks everyone…..most importantly is my lovely wife who sent me a huge package full of goodies just in time for my special day….

Quote of the day:

May every day be a special day for you……….


4 thoughts on “DUSTY”

  1. Luv you brother. Hope you got my happy birthday email. I’m glad you got to celebrate some. Wow that is some dust. I think of you every day. May God Bless and Keep all of you safe.

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