Yesterday we went to a coalition base to discuss the medical training for the Afghan Army and how it was going. I had the opportunity to meet a number of personnnel from other countries that are directly involoved in the training…..Great Britian, Danish, Jordans and of course Afghan army personnel.

Things are moving along and hopefully will get better in the coming months to be able to hand the program over to the Afghan army to train themselves and we can move on to other things they need help with.

There are many areas we are working on simultaneously; as they are intertwined for it all to work in the long run and allow the Aghans to be self sufficient.

In the long run, only time will tell if our efforts will have paid off…… a Marine Sergeant Major remined me of an old horse story:

“You can lead them to the water, stroke thier mane and move thier head to the water, even scoop up a handful of water for them to drink, But I sure ain’t gonna go to the back of the horse and suck it into them!”

They have to learn to drink on thier own……..and the time is coming a lot quicker than they think.

Quote of the day:

A piece of spaghetti or a military unit can only be led from the front end.


One thought on “Coalition”

  1. I feel the same way about my little karate students. You can show them how to practice but you can not make them practice. I’m glad you are ok brother dear. Miss ya. I pray for all you guys to come home safely.

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