Good morning!

I tried to post on the blog yesterday, but the connection was down due to weather in Europe where the IT guys say the hub is for us.

I am trying a new method my LTC told me about; write it in word, copy and paste it into the blog. Since I have had so many issues with the network going down while writing, he suggested I get it all written with photos and all and try to paste it in……..

What a great idea! As long as it works…..

As with anything, you need to be flexible and adjust fire to accomplish what you want to get done. Yesterday I was advised that my primary mission/ duty here will change. I will still be involved in the original mission, but it will not be my primary anymore. As a soldier, when the commander says we need you to do this for missions sake? “Roger, Sir” should always be the answer.

You are not here for yourself, but for the people of Afghanistan; to help pull themselves up by the bootstraps so we can eventually all go home.

Below are some photos from our flights from the USA to here with the units we flew with:


The agony of waiting for hours and hours………………….we have been waiting for around 2 hours and it was around 0430hrs and still had a way to go. Everyone was so tired, had been up for almost 24 hours at this point.

I think I am starting to figure out my rhythm a little bit after finally starting to recover from the time change and jet lag……

Quote of the day:

The rock is solid and is strong in its making, but water is stronger over time because it is fluid



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