Stirring the pot…..


Yep, the Superbowl is on its way……This weekend. The Lieutenant Colonel and the Major want me to go to the Post Gym where they are having a Superbowl Extravaganza on sunday; food, drinks (no alcohol – as we are not allowed to drink – General Order #1 while deployed/ mobilized) and a whole lot of other stuff.

I have never been a big fan of football; just watch it every once in a while (Hook ‘Em Horns!). The 2 are going for the NY Giants, so I am going for the New England Patriots!

Mmmmm….stirring the pot! They are all razafracking me, trying to give me a hard time….makes me no nevermind. The funny part will be if the Patriots win; then I can poke them for the rest of the deployment….either way, I win! Too funny.

We shall see…

Finally we are scheduled to move out; it will be after the superbowl…..and a long flight to bug those guys that the Patriots won the Superbowl! Woo Hoo! Go Team!

A postive outlook makes things happen….thats the secret.


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