Well, here we go….NOT!

The best laid plans usually don’t last the first 30 seconds of contact; our planned movement didn’t either.

We returned from Ft Polk, LA all ready to head “down range” with the weapons packed, when we were notified that we were not leaving as planned. We will be leaving, but on an adjusted timeline.

It is all good I suppose as we are still in the states and will be here until after the Superbowl; where CPT America and Bucky continue to keep america safe.

But, on that note; it means we will be doing additional training to keep us busy until we depart. About a month ago I told you about driving the those big uparmored SUVs; we are doing more driving with them and will be doing night driving as well tomorrow night. Below is the cone course we did today:

This video doesn’t exist

Next week we will continue with more language training. we are hopeful it will build upon what we learned at Ft Polk during our Combat Advisor training.

In the meantime, the Major on the team is quite an artist and we are trying to design a team patch that incorporates our task force, unit of assignment and mssion as Combat Advisors. Below is a draft of many that we are brainstorming and just wanted to share it with you all to show you his art.

I was planning on updating the blog during the travels this week, but it will have to wait until after the Superbowl…..Go Patriots!!


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