As promised, here is a better shot of the helicopters at sunrise…..this time they have one that is in the process of transformation, to be put in operation.

Still, there is room for improvement on the photo…..but I am limited on access to the location of the helos (they are in a Marine area and I am Army, go figure).

All in all, better than the other day – I think.

I used the P7100 at ISO 200, F8, 1/10, 0EV and increased detail in LR3.

Today, we are just waiting…..no training scheduled, getting ancy; as we are all done except for some mission specific training next week. Once that is done, the real journey begins as we head into country.

I talked to another soldier yesterday that is leaving this morning going to Africa. He said it will be 2-3 days before he actually gets there! Wow! I figure our flight will be around 20-24 hours, not including stops along the way……Guess I better have lots of reading material and thank you my lovely wife for getting me one of those airplane neck pillows! It will definately come in handy while deployed.

Until next time……I hope you have a good day

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