Good Morning!

Man is it cold today! 30 degrees out with a 30mph wind chill makes it really, really cold! Brrrrrrr…..

I went out to try and get a sunrise shot of a Marine helicopter, but made it too late. As I was gettiing there the sun rose so fast that I couldn’t get the shot I was hoping for.

I will try again tomorrow and get there a little earlier. I was trying to get the peak of the sunrise right behind the helo. The sun was off to the right this morning and was way too bright to get it in the shot; it flared out the lens.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my objectives this year is to be more aware of my surroundings; as the below photo shows, it brings back memories before cell phones were invented.

The coolest thing? They still work……only on a military installation/ barracks will you still find these around. I guess it goes to show that even with the lowering cost of cell phones these days, some servicemen and women still cannot afford a cell phone; or choose not have one.

I did read in the Army Times magazine last week that they will be issuing out cell phones to the masses sometime in the near future. Sorry Apple, it doesn’t look like it will be the I Phone – more than likely it will be a phone with the Android system. This will allow the military to develop apps specific to thier needs; and own them. Unlike Apple, everything for the Apple is owned by Apple (proprietary).

Off to learn Dari, the official language of Afghanistan…..khodaafez (goodbye)

rowz-e khosh baretaan meykhaayom (have a good day)

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