Back from the FOB (Forward Operating Base)

Hello all! Finally back from the field training on a ton of new TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures) over the last couple of weeks…….

As always things change; and because of this it requires all military personnel to undergo rigorous training. We had the opportunity to train with the Air Force and the Navy! I know, I know….the Navy? Yep…one of them is an F18 pilot too.

I had to ask what in the world is an F18 pilot doing going through Army training? He was befuddled himself! He and his team are going to be doing a very special job while in country that requires his expertise on the ground…..and it has nothing to do with flying. Ineresting.

Below is our team after we completed convoy operations in 22 degree weather…..brrrrr!

ImageAs you see above in the background, the vehicles are uparmored HMMWVs. They are being replaced by the vehicle below: 

The name for is called a M-ATV (mine resistant ambush protective vehicle (MRAP) ). The ATV stands for: all terrain vehicle. Whoo wee! It is an awesome vehcile is all I can say. It is a beast and runs like a cadillac compared to the HMMWV.

Here is another one that we will be using while in country as well:


This one is called a MaxxPro. This one drives better than the MATV, smooth as silk!

We also conducted base camp operations, which included interacting with the local indigenous population. Many were bringing weapons to turn in under the weapons for cash deal.

RPG 7 and the guy brought a Russian Antitank grenade too!

have to stop for now, as i have much to do tomorrow and need to get some shut eye.

Be Safe and I will chat with you in the coming days….

Before I forget…..I hope you all have a good time over the holidays.


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