Finally! connectivity!

It has been a major issue for the last week in trying to get some reliable connectivity here……the lack of and/or poor access to the internet has delayed and caused training issues.

Well, no more (we hope) for the rest of the time here anyway.

I hope everyone has thier christmas trees up and decorated, presents bought and wrapped and having fun this season. We may have the opportunity to have a few days off over christmas, but will not know until the week of, I figure.

It would be nice to head home, but ticket prices and availability would be through the roof….some soldiers already checked and it would be close to a grand to fly home. Even though it would be nice to go home and see everyone (it will be the last opportunity) before heading out to Afghanistan, the timeline/ cost for ticketing may not work.

Today, we will be doing vehicle rollover training. The thought is if you get hit with an IED or just rollover – you need to be trained and have the mindset to get out of the situation you are currently in. I talked with a few personnel that have been through it and said not to have a big lunch; while we are leaving the chow hall! Go figure…..I think they were messing with us; hopefully.

Everyone have a good day and I will let you know how the rollover went. I will see if they will allow photos; if so, I will post some here for you to see….even better…..a video! yeah….

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