Here I sit today thinking and looking around my place and taking it in for the last few days before I have to go.

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until you have to leave it behind.

I will miss my wife, my daughter, my dawgs!, my home, friends and family; most especially at this time of the year with the holidays on our heels.

I took the oath to defend this country 31 years ago and I have been called once again to do what is necessary for our freedoms.

My father passed on the day before thanksgiving; it will be four year now. He served the same amount of time in the Army that I have currently been in so far.

All the time he was gone to war when I was growing up, I never really understood why he did what he did, nor the sacrifices he and everyone else in uniform endured; now I do. This will be my second deployment; first was for Iraq and now Afghanistan.

This deployment feels different. The last time my wife deployed; this time she is retired and staying home. We both have our moments of angst; me worrying about her being home with out me and her because she can’t have my back this time.

I reassured her that I will be safe and have my fellow soldiers to have my back and she reassured me that she will stay busy (missing me) and be surrounded by friends and family. These last few days are filled with tons of emotion as time gets nearer to go.

NEVER take for granted who or what you have, let friends and family know how you feel about them and thank the man upstairs every day……I do.

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